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We offer the entire spectrum of possibilities in implant dentistry, fulfilling every demand for implant treatments.


Milling Restorations

Except for additive manufacturing technique we offer milling services as well, with the highest level CNC machines. We fulfill absolutely any demand in dental restorations by milling tailor made works of all kind. Perfect fit up to 2 microns



Also the Novamind prosthetics are highly aesthetic and of the highest quality. Novamind covers all the needs of the modern implant restorations. Cemented restorations, as well as screw retained of all type can be applied with Novamind prosthetic solutions.


Laser Sintering Restorations

The latest technology of additive manufacturing is the new weapon in producing, fast and reliably, prosthetic metal substructures of all kind. This method offers many advantages comparing to conventional ways of making metal frames.



Tailor made implant restorations with high end CNC machines. The latest technology software and milling systems tranform the given STL files into a perfect reality under two microns precision.



Novamind products are certified with ISO from the Greek center of control and quality.


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Features You’ll Love!

Novamind has been using the state of the art technology in the production of the implants and prosthetics components.

  1. 1
    Titanium grade 4/5

    Excellent raw material (titanium grade 4 for implants and titanium 5 for prosthetics) provided exclusively from the German company Zapp.

  2. 2
    Surface treatment SLA TYPE

    SLA surface treatment is the most evidence based implant surface in Implantology history, with millions of restorations and  the lowest failure rate.

  3. 3
    Surface Cleaning With Plasma

    Cleaning with plasma reactor is considered to be the superior Method of cleaning the implants surface of all residues.

  4. 4
    Screw Retained Restorations

    Multi unit abutments for all implant systems. Straight MU with 4 different GH as well as angled 17o and 30o. one prosthetic platform for all implant systems

    Passive fit abutments combination of the advantages of customizing with casting with the perfect industrial fit through titanium adapters.

    UCLA plastic castable. For the people who appreciate the safety of the conventional methods.

    Custom made restorations milled with the most sophisticated CNC machines worldwide

    Ti-base. Titanium bases for designing through scanners software with corresponding free libraries. Either for zircon or for metal abutments.

    UCLA cast on Co-Cr base. Perfect industrial fit with in lab customising conventional methods

    Co-Cr i-bridges and burs directly to implant. Based on STL open files. (custom abutments milling center services)

The high quality of the Novamind products has made them a market leader in implant prosthetics in several countries.

  1. 5
    Evidence based products

    The implant systems and prosthetics are subject to strong in vitro as well in vivo tests prior to going on the market.

  2. 6
    Cemented Restorations

    Titanium grade 5 abutments. Straight abutments with 3 different GH. Angled abutments up to 23o with 3 different GH. Concave shape of the transgingival part. Increased wall thickness and height of the abutment

    Tailor made titanium abutments. Custom milled titanium abutments or burs for any individual demand

  3. 7

    Nova lock abutments. Compatible to locator abutments Up to 5 mm GH



    Custom made bars. Either with milling or with laser sintering technique




Latest technology CNC machines offer perfect milling quality


Precision under two microns fit between implant and abutment.


Versatility in prosthetic solutions in cemented as well as screw retained restorations.


Well known implant shapes and connections.


Milling center solutions, custom abutments additive manufacturing  restorations.


ISO Certified Production