Novamind is a branch specialized in the production of components for implant
restorations, created by Novadental Ltd that has been present and active in the dental market for decades.

Our company has created a technologically evolved production station, equipped with devices of latest technology. It is operated by highly trained specialists and is approved and certified with ISO from the Greek Center of Quality Control and Technology of Health.

This new production station is unique in Greece and certainly at least comparable to other similar manufacturers in Europe.

Novadental can offer nowadays prosthetic components of high quality and precision compatible with most widely used implant systems.

Our Services

NOVAMIND has created next to the industrial unit, a state of the art milling center which can cooperate with laboratories and dental clinics worldwide, equipped with the latest technology scanners. Based on STL file, we manufacture the entire spectrum of dental restorations.


    The latest technology of additive manufacturing is the new weapon in producing, fast and reliably, prosthetic metal substructures of all kind. This method offers many advantages comparing to conventional ways of making metal frames.

    1. Better fit
    2. No carbon residues
    3. Much denser alloy structure
    4. Certified Co-Cr
    5. No tension and lack of rocking
    6. Economic
    7. speed


    Novamind has adopted one of the most sophisticated laser sintering systems of the market (SISMA), and we cooperate with labs all over the world.


    Except for additive manufacturing technique we offer milling services as well, with the highest level CNC machines. We fulfill absolutely any demand in dental restorations by milling tailor made works of all kind. Perfect fit up to 2 microns

    1. Titanium custom abutments up to 45o
    2. Titanium bars
    3. Co-Cr crowns and bridges



    Co-Cr implant screw retained superstructures


    Novamind has created 5 implant systems of high precision, yet really economic.

    The state of the art CNC machines ensure a perfect milling quality in an absolutely secure production environment (ISO certified) and a perfect under two microns fit between implant and abutment.

    Besides, the use of the highest standard raw materials such as Titanium grade 4 for implants and titanium grade 5 for prosthetics makes Novamind implants an absolutely safe choice.

    The surface treatment is an extremely elaborate process. SLA type treatment as well as a latest technology cleaning process with PLASMA REACTOR give to Novamind implants a perfect and fast osseoinegration. Surgical instruments are offered for all systems.


    Each clinician can find his own preference among the five Novamind implant systems


    • PROTON: hex plus tube in tube connection, very good primary stability, small diameter 3,4 implants
    • SYMMETRON: the well-known octagon plus Morse taper connection, excellent preservation of biological width
    • KRATEON: the trilobe connection with the special tapered shape
    • ARTION: universal hex connection, perfect primary stability, one prosthetic platform for all diameters
    • ANTIROPON: the latest development in Implantology, hex combined to conical connection, platform switching, aggressive shape ideal for cases in which, immediate loading is required.

    Also the Novamind prosthetics are highly aesthetic and of the highest quality. Novamind covers all the needs of the modern implant restorations. Cemented restorations, as well as screw retained of all type can be applied with Novamind prosthetic solutions.

    For cemented restorations Novamind offers titanium abutments with the following features

    • concave form of the transgingival part is proved to have better adaptability to soft tissue
    • up to 23 degrees angulation
    • increased height and thickness of the abutments
    • tailor made abutments according to individual demands such as emergence profile  and angulation up to 45 degrees (custom abutments milling center services)
    • free library interface abutments for zirconium abutments

    For screw retained crowns and bridges, the following solutions are offered

    • Multi Unit type abutments, straight or 17 and 30 degrees angled, for almost all famous implant connections offer versatility in screw retained restorations.
    • Universal multi unit prosthetic platform, no matter the implant type underneath.
    • Interface on multi unit, compatible with all the open libraries.
    • Cast on abutments Co-Cr base.
    • Co-Cr i-bridges and burs directly to implant. Based on STL open files. (custom abutments milling center services)
    • Additive manufacturing laser sintering Co-Cr direct to implant (custom abutments milling center services)


This catalogue refers to prosthetic components compatible with most widely used dental implants. The manufacturing of these components  has been achieved through the use of the most sophisticated means of production with CNC devices.


    The design of the prosthetic components is the result of cooperation of  professional designers and clinicians with long-year experience in Implantology.  The remarks of the dentists were very useful for the improved design of components. Specific modifications were made after suggestion of the clinicians, aiming for a better result.

    More specifically, the following improvements have been integrated in the series of products:

    The transgingival part of the abutments was modified, in concave shape according the latest demands of the Implantology, to ensure better soft tissue support and emergence profile.

    On the abutments for cement-retained restorations, two flat anti-rotation surfaces were created, to enhance the stability of the crown on the abutment.

    The height of the abutments has been increased, to offer adequate mechanical support in cases of resorbed alveolar crest.

    The walls of the abutments have increased thickness to allow more freedom during customization by milling.

    Abutments with increased inclination reaching 23o are available. This inclination has been proved as safe for clinical use, after mechanical and fatigue tests. The tests were accomplished in ENDOLAB, a certified
    laboratory (ISO 17025) specialized in implant testing (CE and FDA licence).

    Measurements in microscopical level have been achieved with maximum accuracy. All metal parts are fabricated from Titanium grade 5. Implant analogs are fabricated from Inox.

    Plastic castable parts are fabricated from POM (Poly-Oxy-Methylenium) by milling and can be used safely for the burn-out technique without any residual substances.

    The recommended tightening  torque for each abutment is clearly indicated on the package along with other characteristics of the component.

    Implants and Prosthetics Catalogue


    The Titanium passive-fit abutments (code numbers 700 and 701) for screw-retained implant restorations, offer the advantages of:

    • Avoiding tension in the retention screw and possible fracture
    • Elimination of fit problems and risk of overloading
    • Compensation of minimal casting inaccuracies
    • Fixation of the restoration with one single  robust screw
    • Prevention of bacterial  accumulation

    Prosthetic components for dental implants Catalogue


    A few words for the encoding of the prosthetic components that may facilitate the right selection and the correct order of the products. Each serie of  products is color-coded, according to the implants to which the components  are compatible.  The same color coding is followed to the present catalogue.
    In this way, both the clinician and the dental technician may immediately recognize the compatibility of the components.

    The products of each serie are further number-coded, according to the specific features of each part. Knowing the meaning of numbers in each code, it is easy and safe to recognize all the characteristics of each product, even without visual inspection.

    The code of each component is formed from two, three or four sets of numbers, separated by dots. Each group of numbers is referring to the  features of the product.

    The first two numbers (ex 01) represent the compatibility to specific implants,as mentioned in the following pages. For example products with  code 01 are compatible to XiVE® implants.

    The tree following numbers indicate the diameter of the components. For example code 340  means diameter 3,4mm

    The two following numbers indicate the inclination of the abutment. For example 00 means straight abutment and 17 means angled abutment with 17o inclination.

    The last three numbers indicate the gingival height of the abutment at the lingual site. For example 120 means gingival height (GH) 1,2mm.

    The above mentioned coding is characteristic for the abutments for cement-retained restorations. All other abutments or components follow the same coding at the first two sets of numbers (indicating compatibility and diameter) and the last set of numbers characterize each product for a specific clinical use.

    100 : Fixation screw

    200 : Implant analog

    300 : Plastic castable abutment with anti-rotation

    301 : Plastic castable abutment without anti-rotation

    403:  Healing screw with a height of 3 mm

    405: Healing screw with a height of 5 mm

    500:  Impression post for open and closed tray technique

    600: Titanium base for zirconium abutment (cad-cam) with anti-rotation

    601: Titanium base for zirconium abutment (cad-cam) without anti-rotation

    700: Titanium base with anti-rotation and castable sleeve for screw-retained  restorations   

    701: Titanium base without anti-rotation and castable sleeve for screw-retained  restorations

    900: PEEK temporary abutment for provisional restorations.


    Xive Friadent

    Straumann tissue level

    Biomet 3I

    Nobel Replace

    Straumann Bone level

    Zimmer, Mis, Alpha Bio


    Bredent Blue Sky

    Nobel Active, Nobel conical connection



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