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Novamind is a fully certified company in field of medical devices, that manufactures implant systems as well as implant prosthetic components compatible to the most used implant systems worldwide.

The company was founded from dental business professionals, who are completely aware of the responsibility towards the patients and the society, since they deal with dental products the last 40 years.

We have always been true to our initial commitment to offering quality products to the dental world at a decent price, making the quality implant treatment affordable to everyone.

Our products have not only been established as quality prosthetic solutions, but have also been recognized as the latest innovative developments in the field of implantology.

Novamind has become within the last decade synonymous to innovation in dental implant prosthetics keeping being always updated to the evolvements of implantology.

Concave shape of transgingival part, full digitalization, Multi-unit abutments for all systems, Angulated screw channel ti-bases are some of the achievements of the last years.

And last but not least, the creation of 4 full implant systems that cover all the options of implantologists. SLA type surface, Plasma reactor surface cleaning, perfect milling guarantee a long-term sustainability of our implants.

Novamind Presentation Belgrade – Serbia

Novamind Participation in International
Implant Congress in India



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