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Surface treatment SLA TYPE
Surface Cleaning With Plasma


Novamind is a manufacturer of implant prosthetic components for almost a decade. The company was founded by dental professionals with experience in implantology. This fact guaranties the correct design and compatibility of Novamind implant systems.
Novamind has been using the state of the art technology in the production of the prosthetic components.
The high quality of the Novamind products has made them a market leader in implant prosthetics in several countries.

So due to the overwhelming demand for Novamind prosthetic parts, we decided to proceed with the development of implant systems. We offer a wide range  of solutions and ideas that make implantology a profitable field easy to approach.

For the implants, we followed the same guidelines, such us:

  •    Excellent raw material (titanium grade 4) provided exclusively from the German company Zapp.
  •    The highest precision ensured by state of the art CNC machinery.
  •    Evidence based products: the implant systems and prosthetics are subject to strong in vitro as well in vivo tests prior to going on the market.

 We offer the entire spectrum of possibilities in implant dentistry, fulfilling every demand for implant treatments.

The results highlight the high quality of the implant surface topography
and chemistry that allowed adhesion, development and optimal growth of the cells tested within 24 hours after plating. With regard to these tests, we may conclude that the analyzed implant is adequate to allow a good osseointegration.

The diagram below indicates that the topography of the implant surface present adequate roughnes that leads to a reliable retention to the bone.

Implant roughness